vietnamese yen vy sex scandal

Yet another from the “Who the fuck?” files… This one I think the story is more interesting than the actual sex tape… This chick is/was a very popular vietnamese day time soap star… This is how she tries to explain the sex tape: She claims the film was a record of an affair with her lover while the two were in still in love five years ago.
Yen Vy and her ex-lover later separated, and the man got married to another actress. About one month ago, according to Thanh Nien (Youth) newspaper, the man phoned her, seeking to rekindle the relationship as his marriage had collapsed, only to be refused by Yen Vy. The man then threatened to do great damage to Yen Vy’s career and reputation for refusing his advances, and the subsequent release of the 30-minute film on the Internet, according to the actress, is an act of revenge by her spurned ex-lover.
But the story does not end their dear people… apparently she then took to being a hooker and got arrested…
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