Thailand’s Pride Popstar Anna Jamp Gets Caught In Naugthy Video

Thailand’s Anna Jamp Stars In Her Own Sex VId!!! » YouTube
video. Thailand’s Anna Jamp Stars In Her Own Sex VId!!! Anna Jandrasopark the Jamp pop star singer in her native Thailand. She is caught here with her boyfriend in a full blown recording session. We have managed to get hold of a great quality version of the tape…

A member of a famous Thai music group, Anna Jandrasopark may have an unwieldy name at best, but a very nice sex tape that’s been making the rounds of the world wide web. Her oral skills get proven in this popular home made porn of hers, this pretty Asian babe also excels in some rather impressive sexual calisthenics with her very horny partner. She’s dipped her toes in acting, commercial modeling, and singing, but you can bet all that dipping is nothing compared to the dipping that transpires in this hot, hot sex tape.

Pretty and talented Anna Jandrasopark of the popular music group Jamp in Thailand, has shown her fondness for cordless mics in this home made sex tape of hers that got leaked all over the internet. The way she spreads her legs and opens up to “new experiences” makes it obvious this Oriental charmer will get some kind of standing ovation in her next performance. She’s also “doggedly” pursuing a career that will find her on all fours and panting like a mastiff who’s just raced for its life. If you don’t get the sexual innuendos in this post, just click on the video grabs or link and feast your eyes on Anna.

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  1. whydeny says

    Pretty with no brains. Before the scandal she is only famous in Thailand. After the scandal, she has skyrocketed to being famous internationally. All thanks to her idiotic, selfish and lustful boyfriend.

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