Namrata Shrestha Leaked Sex Tape with Married DJ Tantrik

Twenty-three-year-old Nepalese actress and model Namrata Shrestha is at the center of a huge controversy in her country after her sex tape was leaked to the public. She is seen in the video having sexual relations with a well-known married man. And to make the scandal even better, she is also married but the man she is seen fucking in the 3 videos is not her husband. The most controversial aspect of this scandal, however, might be the fact that Shrestha has shrugged the whole thing off instead of acting ashamed and apologetic. The video co-starred Chris Sutula, a.k.a. “DJ Tantrik,” who happens to be married to the woman who release the video.

I bet the wife of DJ Tantrik was really surprised when she found the sex video on his cell phone. Because reports say she was not onle the one who release it to the media but she is demanding a public apology from her husband.

You may be going “who” but Namrata Shestha is one of the top models in the country of Nepal and it is scandalous that she has a sex video over there. It would be like Marisa Miller and Megan Fox having a sex tape together. Or so I am told. Namrata Shrestha is 23 and has appeared on the covers of Wave and VOW Magazine.

Everything in Nepali actress Namrata Shrestha’s life was going very smooth until September of this year, when first a 9 minute long video clip, depicting the immensely popular actress in compromising situation was leaked online. It is believed that she and her lover videotaped their own sex video on his mobile phone. Tantrik is said to be a DJ in a night club in Kathmandu. DJ Tantrik or Tantric’s real name is Kicha Man Chitrakar. Shrestha has allegedly admitted making her sex tape with Chitrakar.

Shrestha boldly said it was her personal affair and did not welcome any queries about it. The tape was brought to the attention of the press by the wife of Tantrik who found it while browsing thought his phone. She was so frustrated by his adulterous behavior and lies that she had no other option than releasing it to the media. It is now also rumored that she has tried to commit an unsuccessful suicide attempt and her mother remains next to her at all times to prevent her from any further suicide attempts.

And then a more XXX 13 minute long video clip was released of the young starlet. Some members of the Nepalese press believe Shrestha’s attitude towards her videos reflects a change in Nepalese society and attitudes towards sex. Shrestha told the press that she is the girl in the videos and she is not ashamed of it. The videos were released by the wife of the guy in the video through a third party she took them to called Maiti Nepal, a women’s right advocate in Nepal, for her husband’s public apology on the matter. The raging storm regarding the sex scandal is bringing the brunt of the nation’s scorn against Namrata Shrestha. Thus far she has not apologize to the wife of her lover.

These sex videos have the biggest bush on a chick I have ever seen, this girl look like she has a grizzly bear in a head locked between her legs. Namrata Shrestha sex tape and Namrata Shrestha scandal are among the top searches on the Internet from Nepal. In total there are three videos, two of which overlap. All three videos are posted below instead of trying to merge the two overlaying videos into one and post two video.
Nepalese actress Namrata Shrestha in leaked sex tape

Screen Shots:

Namrata Shrestha (born June 14, 1986 in Dharan, Nepal) is a Nepali model, RJ, presenter and actress. She is known for her role in the romantic film Sano Sansar released in 2008 and her appearance in music videos. Before embarking on her acting career, she was involved in theater acts and modeling. She has also appeared on the cover of Wave Magazine, VOW Magazine & other magazines. The Kathmandu Post, on its edition of February 21, 2005 mentioned Namrata as one of the top 5 models in Nepal.

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