Hoopz Sex Tape

Nikki Alexander, aka Hoopz, is best known as the girl that almost won Flavor Flav’s heart on reality show “Flavor of Love.” Now she is set to be the star of a brand new flick the “Hoopz Sex Tape” which you will be able to download for free somewhere.

Infamous celebrity sex tape distributor Mr. ZZee, who is the anonymous man behind many other best selling sex tapes, announced that he acquired a sex video of the reality star. According to reports the high quality video features numerous positions, several different camera angles, and some incredibly nasty things that you’re going to have to watch yourself to find out. Currently safe-for-work redacted screen shots are available here, but the full video will be put on DVD and online pay-per-view soon.

Of course with a little digging around you can also find nude photos of Hoopz. The girl loves showing off her body.

Haven’t found the leak photos yet. Once found
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