Hoang Thuy Linh sex tape scandal

Unless you live in Vietnam, it’s unlikely you’ll have heard of her… but for the past few weeks, she’s been the subject of a massive scandal in the entertainment world of conservative Vietnam. Hoang Thuy Linh was the star of a popular ‘Vanh Anh Diaries’, which focuses on the lives of Vietnamese students and her character had become well known and idolised with young viewers. The TV show won wide approval with parents.

Hoang Thuy Linh sex tape scandalHoang Thuy Linh sex tape


That was until a different story broke and swept across the internet. A saucy love making session between the 19 year old star and her boyfriend found it’s way onto the internet and before long and was being downloaded everywhere, as rumour spread of it’s existence. The grainy recording, made on a mobile phone, has destroyed her career and the hit TV show. In a country where pre-marital sex is still frowned upon, her image as a good girl and an icon for young Vietnamese is is ruins.

It’s a real shame that a talented young woman can have her career ruined like this. After all, she’s 19 and most teens engage in some kind of sexual activity with their boyfriends by that age. She just got really unlucky to have such a recording leaked into the public domain. Vietnamese police are investigating the case and trying to trace the person who originally posted the clip.

It’s interesting to observe stories like this, as countries like Vietnam and their neighbours find themselves having to quickly integrate into the wider world with the availability of the internet and the dilution of traditional values. I hope this pretty young woman can recover her career and indeed, suspect this event may actually boost her showbiz life. What a shame that her private life found itself onto the internet in this way.

Actually the video is boring and not worth the time it takes to download. If it was her boyfriend who posted the video on the net, he sure didn’t do himself any favours with his hopeless performance.

Due to the intense public and media attention, the television station, VTV, has been forced to drop the show from it’s schedule. Although Thuy Linh is 19 years old, she actually plays the part of a schoolgirl in the show.

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