FHM Philippines Model Katrina Halili Leaked Dance Sex Tape With Dr. Kho Hayden is Pinoy Sex Scandal

Filipina actress Katrina Halili and celebrity doctor Hayden Kho are the latest sex video stars. The three-year relationship of Dr. Hayden Kho, Jr. and Dr. Vicki Belo has ended with a sex scandal. Their love-affair has been the subject of so many innuendos, Vicki Belo being almost 53 years old and Hayden Kho being just 28 years old. Hayden Kho and his tryst with FHM Philippines model, one Katrina Halili and some other model named Marica Reyes. Below are download links to the first video sent to the [email protected] on Wednesday.

Download the “I’m Never Gonna Dance Again” pre-Sex Video After the sexy Screen Shots Below!

Dr. Vicky Belo revealed in an interview that she discovered that Dr. Hayden Kho Jr and Kho Hayden had an affair. She also revealed that Katrina Halili and Kho Hayden have at least one sex video. Dr. Vicki’s discovery of these videos on Hayden’s laptop that triggered their breakup. This is the reason why Kho Hayden tried to commit suicide after Vicky Belo left him, but Belo denies the rumors that she is the reason behind his suicide attempt. Both beauty doctors and both in love, the twosome seemed to be the perfect match. Well, at least before the world got to take a peek into their birth certificates. Eyebrows raised and heads turned the wrong way when they found out that the celebrity doctor was dating a guy 22 years her junior.

Former two-time FHM Philippines sexiest woman and GMA artist Katrina Halili denies report about a rift Dr. Vicki Belo. On the GMA’s entrainment talkshow “Startalk”, she also contradict the news reports that she is the third party behind the Vicki Belo-Hayden Kho split-up. Click on pictures to enlarge!

The Screen Shots:


Katrina Halili Dance With Hayden Kho Leaked Homemade Sex Tape.

File Size: 29.21 MB - Runtime: 2:52 minutes

















After the breakup, on December 15, Dr. Hayden Kho reportedly overdosed on Valium, in an attempt to take his own life and scribbled on his chest are the words: “I LOVE U, I LOVE U VICKI!” Dr. Belo personally took Hayden to the Makati Medical Center. “She was crying in the parking lot. She was walking to her car and crying. She was in an orange dress,” an eyewitness recounted. The doctors at the Makati Med diagnosed Drug overdose, and was made to undergo detox and was discharged December 18.
An unnamed doctor meanwhile commented, “I don’t think Hayden really meant to kill himself. As a doctor, he knows the lethal dosage. And many males, if they really want to commit suicide, they would succeed.”
Rufa Mae Quinto meanwhile denied any involvement with Dr. Hayden Kho: “Ha? Ano namang kinalaman ko dun? Wala, hindi lahat ng nagbi-break, kailangang ma-involve o ma-link ako. Breakup ng iba, pati ako madadamay! Ano ba ‘yan?”
On the alleged video scandal, Rufa Mae vehemently denied it: “Talaga? Grabe na iyan ha! Todo na ba iyan? Talaga? Sigurado ba kayo, ako? Basta wala akong kinalaman diyan, malayo po, wala akong koneksiyon. Hindi naman ako guilty, kasi hindi naman ako magpapa-involve sa isang tao na may involvement na.”
Dr. Hayden Kho Jr. and sexy actress Katrina Halili were first linked to each other when they did a duet last September 21, 2007 for one episode of Celebrity Duets Season 1, where Hayden was one of the contestants.
Katrina Halili meanwhile aired her side of the story: “A, masasabi ko po…wala po!” may hagikhik pang sinabi ni Katrina sa Startalk. “Kasi po, ayoko na pong… Kaya po ako nandito ngayon, ayoko pong palakihin yung isyu. Kasi nag-usap po kami ni Dra. Belo. Okay naman po kaming dalawa. Kung magsasalita po ako, hahaba lang po siya nang hahaba. E, wala naman pong problema.”

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