Dree Hemingway Topless in Numero

The thing I like about Dree Hemingway is not that she doesn’t go by her actual last name, but instead uses the last name of her great grandfather on her mother’s side, like every bottom feeding pig who needs something bigger than themselves to associate with, and who rides that shit as far as it will take them, cuz it is the only relevance they have in the world, so everyone asks or knows that maybe you’re related to Hemingway, like a tattoo on your fucking head that says “I’m Ernest Hemingway’s Great Granddaughter so give me work and listen to me even though I’ve never met him, but have read his books and have heard stories” …. and I’m guessing it works….

The thing I like about Dree Hemingway is that she still has to show her tits to get work, like a common whore…proving that it doesn’t matter who your famous, possibly legendary ancestors are, you still gotta be a fuckin’ whore, even after whoring out his name like it was a teen runaway looking for a warm bed to sleep in mid winter….

The whole thing is pretty fucking tacky. I’m sure if Hemingway knew his distant relatives would have been name dropping his shit decades after his death, he woulda killed himself sooner…

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