Bae Doona Nude In Cloud Atlas

Born in 1979, Bae Doona is well-known for her unique style and excellent on-screen performance. She starred in the movie Plum Blossom with actor Kim Rae Won in 2000. Although the sex scenes from the movie raised a big deal of controversy, she played her role – an optimistic nurse – with passion. She has also starred in many popular movies, including The Host, one of the most popular movies in South Korea.
Bae Doona Nude In Cloud Atlas
Bae Doona – AKA Du-Na Bae, AKA Bae Doo-Na, AKA any other transliteration you can make from Korean to Latin – makes her Hollywood debut in the best was possible. Not only does she supply two whole nude scenes to her first stateside feature, but said feature also happens to be the three hour epic, Cloud Atlas. Written and directed by the Wachowskis of Matrix fame, this I feel is their most ambitious title to date, despite an oddly lukewarm reception by critics.

In fact, the movie is full of actors in cross-racial and cross-gender roles. And I have to give mad props to the makeup folks, because it didn’t come off nearly as comical and absurd as it does in every other film that’s tried it. So go buy Cloud Atlas. It truly is an amazing piece of modern art.

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